Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Sister Sister..."

So Tia and Tamera's new reality series premiered yesterday on Style Network and it was AMAZEBALLS!!! The series captures the biggest and most challenging moments of the girls lives, Tia experiencing motherhood for the first time and Tamera planning her wedding. Ok we have to say that we absolutely love these ladies. We grew up watching them on Sister Sister; we've seen everything from 17 Again, Twitches, Double Wedding, The Game with Tia and etc. (pretty much everything they were in, we’ve seen) Haha no we are not obsessed, we’re just huge fans and we really look up to them, besides our mother and brothers :D. They are definitely positive role models in the Hollywood industry. They keep themselves clean in the media, you never hear anything negative about them. We love how close they are, that’s something we can definitely relate to. One thing we admire most about them is their faith; their love for God. They’re always giving God glory and credit for their success along with the support from their family.Speaking of their family, we can't forget about their brothers Tahj and Tavior (UMMM... LOVE THEM). Their whole family seems like AWESOME people and they seem like really AWESOME CHICAS. They are just a big bowl of AWESOMENESS haha..But anyway, we would love to meet them one day. YAY for Twin Power

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