Monday, August 8, 2011

Hey you two look a like, are you related? Are you sisters? Wait...are you twins?

Hello beautiful people, our names are Tiffany and Tamara aka Twins, TnT or Doublemints. For those of you who don't know us we are identical twins. Being twins is the most AMAZING thing in the world. We’re INSEPERABLE and BEST BEST FRIENDS, like the saying goes "Born Together, Friends Forever". Like we said, we LOVE LOVE being twins, haha we call it "A Double Blessing". Yes we still do DRESS A LIKE from head to toe, it's something that we love doing and it's US, it's what makes us unique. We love seeing other twins, it makes us glow inside to see other people like us. We say this as if twins are DIFFERENT, which we are, like we said twins are a BLESSING,  there's two of you lol. But to make this short our blog is going to be about our everyday lives as TWINS, our interest and just randomness. Hope you all like it. :D :D YAY for TWIN POWER!!

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