Friday, December 9, 2011

The "r" in Christmas stands for romance

So we've been in the Christmas spirit for the past month now, jamming to Christmas music (Justin Bieber's Under the Mistletoe album and  romantic Christmasy songs) and watching romantic Hallmark Christmas movies which are AMAZNG!!! Why couldn't real life be like a Hallmark movie? You know you meet that tall dark and handsome guy in which you have a fairy tale ending with. Although we're not looking right now, it would be nice to that special someone to snuggle with. Picture and your guy laying by the fireplace, having endless conversations about everything, and anything. You're wrapped up in his arms under one blanket while sipping on hot coco. Doesn't that sound just awwww?!?! Here's one of our favorite Christmas songs that expresses what we're talking about. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our LOVE and OBSESSION for Criminal Minds

So we can't believe that it took us this long to blog about this but with school and work we've been extremely busy. But better late then never right?! Ok so if most of you know us, we are  either A.) busy with college, B.) working,  C.) watching The Vampire Diaries or D.)  hmmm.. can any one guess what this one is? Yep watching CRIMINAL MINDS!!!! Like seriously if you follow us on twitter or tumblr you may notice that 75% of our tweets or blogs are about this show literally. We are always watching the Sunday and Friday night marathons. Which although plays the same episodes every week we never get tired of it because this show is just that AMAZING.

Ok so let's get to the cast. The cast is literally like a mixing bowl of Sexy, Amazing, Talented and Funny actors. They all complement each other really well and the chemistry between everyone is AMAZING! You have the SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY can we get one more SEXY SSA Derek Morgan played by the SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXYYYYYYY Shemar Moore (Ok so you probably get the hint about his sexiness haha) who’s the character that does majority of the physical work such as kicking down doors, or tackling unsubs which is quite enjoyable to watch. (Wish he can tackle us like that haha) But seriously don't get us started on Shemar Moore because we can go on FOREVER about this BEAUTIFUL man and like we said if you know us then you know that we're serious. One thing we love about Shemar is that he loves to interact with his fans especially female fans, if you're lucky you might get a kiss, a warm hug, and a peep at his sculpted abs. Another thing we LOVE LOVE LOVE about him is that he is a momma's boy, and how he take cares of his mom especially with her battle of MS. He and the CM crew ride their bikes 100 miles every year to raise money for MS. That's probably how he maintains that BEAUTIFUL figure of his along with other exercises of course.(Ughh Shemar get a twitter like the rest of the cast so we can twitter stalk you haha). Ok then you have the SEXY(we are really using sexy a lot but hey there isn't a better word to describe these people), ADORABLE, GENIUS, CUTE, FUNNY nerd SSA Dr. Spencer Reid played by Matthew Gray Gubler, (it's pronounced Goo-bler, not Gub-ler, alot of people say Gub-ler but nope it's Goo-bler.  Sorry to be nit picky but if you are a CM fanatic like us you would be too, just look at his interviews haha. You have to watch Matthew's youtube video because his personality is freaking AMAZING!!! Matt is another person that interacts with his fans a lot,  last week he had a 30 min delay at the airport so he gave out the payphone number from the airport on twitter and he took calls from fans. AHHH!!! We called like literally 1,000,000 times but the line was busy... How cool would that have been if we actually got through and talked to the Gubes, we would probably have fainted. Matt is always tweeting and blogging on tumblr so if you're not following him you should, trust us its very entertaining. We love Reid and Morgan's relationship on the show they are soo funny together. Ok if you watched the first and second season then you know about SSSA Jason Gideon played by Mandy Patinkin who was like the Yoda of the group. Mandy, we miss you!! Come back!!! You also  have the SEXY, SERIOUS never crack a smile except for about a couple of episodes, Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner aka (Hotch) played about the one and only Thomas Gibson. Hotch is like the father of the team, he lives and breathes the BAU.  Hotch is also a GREAT dad, and we love him and his son Jack's relationship.  Thomas another person who is interacts with his fans, he's always tweeting and blogging on tumblr. If you follow Thomas on twitter he is probably one of the best people to follow, such a funny guy. He's just great.!  Next you have the SMOOTH, Player (from back in the day), COOL, SSA David Rossi played by Joe Magtena which we heard is quite the cook. (Hey Joe invite us over someday... or we can just go to your restaurant lol) Although Rossi replaced Gideon after he quit the force, we don't look at him as a replacement because he fits perfectly with the team. We love Rossi and Hotch's relationship as well on the show, Rossi does a good job uplifting Hotch when he's down. Joe also tweets a lot so you should follow him too.

Now lets get to the ladies. Let us start by saying that all the women are GORGEOUS, AWESOME, TALENTED, SASSY, and BADASS. Its good to see women in this type of work field getting down and dirty with the guys. WAY TO REPRESENT LADIES!!! You have the SASSY, STYLISH, Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia aka Baby Girl (what Morgan calls her)(wish he could call us baby girl lol) played by Kirsten Vangness. She is SUPER DUPER AMAZEBALLS with an incredible personality and has the best liners with Morgan. She has the best flirtatious relationship with Morgan and did we mention HOMEGIRL can work a computer lol.... We love her and her geeky boyfriend Kevin Lynch played by Nicholas Brendon's relationship. He is hilarious and they make a PERFECT couple, they are quite the pair. Oh and don't get us started on her style, what a Fashionista. She also has a twitter, pretty much the whole cast has a twitter except Shemar. Then you have the GORGEOUS, LAID BACK, SSA Jennifer Jareau aka J.J. played by A.J. Cook. J.J was the media liaison but she turned bad ass in season 7 and became a profiler. She's like the mother of the group, she cares deeply for the team and her brother/sister relationship with Reid is AMAZING!!! We love how she’s the only one that calls him Spence. Oh did we mention that her baby’s daddy Will played by Josh Stewart is SMOKIN!!! Oh and his southern accent. Ow Ow!!! You also have the PRETTY, BAD ASS, female version of Morgan, SSA Emily Prentiss played by Paget Brewster. HOMEGIRL knows how to shoot a gun. We're sooo glad they brought her and A.J’s characters back on season 7. If you’ve seen season 6 you might have noticed that J.J and Prentiss left the Bureau (J.J. got promoted to the Pentagon and they "killed off Prentiss" well technically she didn’t die, they faked her death). Us fans petitioned to get Paget and AJ back on the series because it just wasn't the same without them and now the whole team is back together WOOT WOOT!!! Ok lets get back to the cast. You also have (well now it's had) the TALENTED FBI Agent Ashley Sever played by Rachel Nichols who was recruited right after J.J left. Although Sever was on the show for a split second we liked her character. Its sad that the show’s executive, went about firing her to get AJ and Paget back but hey you gain some, you lose some, AJ and Paget just completes the family. If you watched season one then you might remember SSA Elle Greenaway played by Lola Glaudini. She was sort of like Prentiss as far as being the active female that chased down the unsubs along side Morgan. We would talk about Erin Strauss played by Jayne Atkinson but as the saying goes “when you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all” we rather keep it that way lol.

Okay so this blog is coming to a close, we would write more because we have tons more to say but we’ve already written a novel about the love we have for this show. But hey if you watch CM, you’d understand. We LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE this show X 348404902330993090^0340349094030 lol, its just AMAZEBALLS!!! Yeah we’ve repeated the same words like a bajillion times but there’s no other words to describe how we feel about this show. So peeps don’t forget to watch CM Wednesday nights at 9pm Pacific time and 8pm Central. And don’t forget to follow Matthew, Thomas, Joe, Kirsten, Paget, and A.J on twitter and Matthew and Thomas on tumblr. (Shemar get with the program and get a damn twitter already lol).Okay BYEEEE!!!!

PS: Come on, who could not love these people, just look at them:

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Vampire Diaries

SAVE THE DATE: ATTENTION ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, well if you‘re 14 and older ;) haha. The Vampire Diaries Season 2 comes out on DVD August 30th in a Target, Wal-Mart, or what ever store that sale DVDs near you. Or if you're an overachiever like us you  can pre-order it off Amazon. Ohhhh and wait for it, wait for it...Season 3 Premieres Sept 15 at 7pm (central time) on The CW. So mark you calendars, set your cellphone/smart phone reminders for both important dates. haha wow we sound like a promoters.. But The Vampire Diaries is one of our favorite shows. You have a combination of vampires, witches and werewolves... Oh MY!!! And let’s not forget about the Hybrids. The show has an amazing storyline that just compels you and it doesn't follow the stereotypical vampire/supernatural "norm". Also for an added bonus the cast is very HOTT and talented. You have the two Sexy... Sexy... haha did we mention Sexy leading men, Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and Paul Wesley (Stefan) along with the lovely leading lady Nina Dobrev (Elena). Oh and the cast just keeps getting better, Michael Trevino, Steven McQueen, Matt Davis, Zach Roerig, Daniel Gillies, Joseph Morgan and etc. Just nothing but SEXINESS. ( Phew.... fans self off. Is it hot in here or what?) Haha we remember like it was yesterday when we first laid eyes on this show. It was Thursday Sept 10, 2009 at 7pm, the pilot of the show just premiered and lets just say from that day forth we were hooked hooked hooked we tell ya haha. We might sound obsess and you know what we are because this show is just that good. But anyway pick up your copy August 30th and watch the premiere of Season 3, Sept 15th at 7pm (central time) on The CW.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

God's masterpiece

Sunset at the Union

Pics taken by: Yours truly :D

"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people" ~ Victor Borg

We've seen this video numerous times and can't get enough. Talk about ADORBS!!! Look at them holding hands, awww sooo cute!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"White Teens Killing Black Man During Hate Spree" 

Ok our brother sent this to us last night, we’re sure many of you have seen this but after watching this video we had to blog about it. There are no words to describe our feelings/ emotions towards this video. We literally  were in SHOCK and left SPEECHLESS. We know that racism still exist and it will always exist but COME ON PEOPLE IT IS 2011. What kind of person would do something like this, well OBVIOUSLY THEM.... Sorry for the caps but we can’t help but be angry. An innocent man is dead because of ignorance like this. Some people may think after watching this video, blacks would go on a “I hate white people” rampage, but we believe there is good and bad in every race. People aren’t born racist, it’s  TAUGHT. These guys are sooo ignorant and we feel sorry for them. “You do the crime, you pay the time” and that’s life in prison. Our hearts and prayers goes out to the family of James Anderson. May God be with you and your family. Ok enough venting, what are your thoughts??? Feel free to express your opinion.

The Olsen Twins Who???

Is it just us or did Mary- Kate and Ashley fell off the face of the EARTH? Well okay we saw Mary- Kate in the movie Beastly which came out at the beginning of the year but other than that where have they been??? We LOVED watching their shows Full House, Two of a Kind and So Little Time back in the day. We heard they got kind of STRANGE, maybe that's why they are so low key. Mary-Kate and Ashley WHERE YOU BEEN AT??? lol

"Sister Sister..."

So Tia and Tamera's new reality series premiered yesterday on Style Network and it was AMAZEBALLS!!! The series captures the biggest and most challenging moments of the girls lives, Tia experiencing motherhood for the first time and Tamera planning her wedding. Ok we have to say that we absolutely love these ladies. We grew up watching them on Sister Sister; we've seen everything from 17 Again, Twitches, Double Wedding, The Game with Tia and etc. (pretty much everything they were in, we’ve seen) Haha no we are not obsessed, we’re just huge fans and we really look up to them, besides our mother and brothers :D. They are definitely positive role models in the Hollywood industry. They keep themselves clean in the media, you never hear anything negative about them. We love how close they are, that’s something we can definitely relate to. One thing we admire most about them is their faith; their love for God. They’re always giving God glory and credit for their success along with the support from their family.Speaking of their family, we can't forget about their brothers Tahj and Tavior (UMMM... LOVE THEM). Their whole family seems like AWESOME people and they seem like really AWESOME CHICAS. They are just a big bowl of AWESOMENESS haha..But anyway, we would love to meet them one day. YAY for Twin Power

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hey you two look a like, are you related? Are you sisters? Wait...are you twins?

Hello beautiful people, our names are Tiffany and Tamara aka Twins, TnT or Doublemints. For those of you who don't know us we are identical twins. Being twins is the most AMAZING thing in the world. We’re INSEPERABLE and BEST BEST FRIENDS, like the saying goes "Born Together, Friends Forever". Like we said, we LOVE LOVE being twins, haha we call it "A Double Blessing". Yes we still do DRESS A LIKE from head to toe, it's something that we love doing and it's US, it's what makes us unique. We love seeing other twins, it makes us glow inside to see other people like us. We say this as if twins are DIFFERENT, which we are, like we said twins are a BLESSING,  there's two of you lol. But to make this short our blog is going to be about our everyday lives as TWINS, our interest and just randomness. Hope you all like it. :D :D YAY for TWIN POWER!!